Monday, 28 May 2012

Poonam Pandey finally made good on her promise to get naked

It's the SRK factor. The Kolkata Knight Riders team owner has done what the combined forces of Sachin, Dhoni and Yuvraj couldn't after last year's big World Cup win - get Poonam Pandey to strip.

SRK's boys beat the Dhoni-led Chennai Kings in last night's IPL finale, and Poonam Pandey finally made good on her promise to get naked, posting this picture on Twitter with the caption: "#NewPicAnd here is a Pic as I PROMISED #IPL #KKR #SRK #Dare2BareAll #OnlyForAbove18."

The model and would be actress made headlines (some would say entirely unwarranted ones) last year by promising to take off all her clothes for the Men in Blue if they brought home the World Cup.

They did, but she didn't. She had already qualified her statement by saying she would strip only with the BCCI's permission, even sending them an official letter saying it would have a "therapeutic effect" on Team India, and later said she would make good on her promise if she were allowed to do so in a country other than India.

Since then, she Poonam has regularly tweeted racy images of herself, usually clad in a tiny bikini. Two such images were dedicated to cricketers Virat Kohli and M S Dhoni. But this one's for the Bengal brigade.


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