Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tiger Woods Dead? Takes Over Trending Topics

Tiger Woods dead? There has been a lot of buzz and concern that the legendary golfer was found dead in his home recently but don't worry, Tiger isn't dead. He's just the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax made up for entertainment purposes.

According to Gossip Cop, "Tiger Woods dead" rumors are taking over the internet. Many people are posting the so-called sad news on Twitter and Facebook, making the hoax reach far and wide.

Apparently, the same website that has produced many other celeb death hoaxes in the past is also behind this one. Global Associated News is claiming that "Pro golfer Tiger Woods was found unresponsive in his luxury vacation rental house near the Roko Ki golf resort in the Dominican Republic earlier today and later pronounced dead from what appears to be natural causes."

But, if you look at the bottom of that website you'll see that it says the story is fake and for entertainment purposes only.

Why go through all the trouble then to create these fake celebrity deaths? Probably because it gets people talking and brings people to their website. It's a disgrace really, to make money off of the fake death of others.
So when you see the words "Tiger Woods is dead", don't believe the hype because he is definitely alive and well!


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