Friday, 23 March 2012

Android ICS update: Which phones will get it, and when

Sadly, it has been quite a delay between the official release of Android 4.0 (also lovingly known as Ice Cream Sandwich) and its actual arrival on your phone. A symptom of the “fragmentation” in the Android ecosystem that we talk about - each smartphone manufacturer follows its own schedule with regards to OS updates, if they decide to give a phone an update at all.

The other factor is the region-wide rollout of updates, and with the lack of over-the-air update infrastructure in some regions, some countries get the updates before others.

Safe to say, if you have purchased a high-end smartphone in the last few months of 2011 or till now in 2012 , your phone will be in the safe category to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update. A purchase older than that, and you will need to do the fingers-crossed routine. Or just splash on a new phone!

We have compiled a list of phones that will be getting the ICS update (as confirmed by the manufacturers) over the next few months. If your phone isn't on that list, it is time to beg, borrow or steal a new one!

Galaxy S II - March 2012
Galaxy Note- March 2012
Galaxy R - March 2012

Razr - May/June 2012

Sensation - March 2012
Sensation XE - March 2012
Sensation XL - March 2012
Evo 3D - March 2012
Incredible S - March 2012
Desire HD - March 2012
Desire S - March 2012
Rhyme - March 2012

Xperia Arc S - late April 2012
Xperia Arc - May 2012
Xperia Play - May 2012
Xperia Neo V - late April 2012
Xperia Neo - May 2012
Xperia Ray - late April 2012
Xperia Mini Pro - May 2012
Xperia Mini - May 2012

Optimus 2X - June 2012
Optimus 3D - July 2012
Optimus Black - July 2012
Optimus Sol - June 2012


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