Friday, 23 March 2012

Next Apple tablets to be the iPad HD and the iPad Mini?

Apple’s tablet event is just around the corner and the rumour mills keep churning out new information everyday. The latest report suggests that the new 10-inch device will not be called the iPad 3 but the iPad HD instead and may sport that Retina Display everyone’s anxious to see.The speculated display resolution is expected to be a whopping 2048 x 1536.

The reports also suggest that Apple may be drifting away from the traditional serial numbering of future iteration of products and hence the name of the device may be the iPad HD instead of the iPad 3. These rumours may be believable as the long-time Apple accessory suppliers, Griffin and Belkin, have accessories listed for the next iPad as the iPad HD as reported by Gizmodo. Apple has played the naming game in the past to highlight certain features of its products. The iPhone 3G was the first 3G iPhone, the touch based iPod was called the iPod Touch so on and so forth.

Other reports on the Internet claim that Apple may also unveil a 7-inch version of the iPad called the “iPad Mini”. This device may launch in Q3 of 2012 and is expected to take on the Kindle Fire and Samsung’s 7-inch tablet. The rumours of the iPad Mini may be a bit far-fetched considering that the late Steve Jobs wasn’t a big fan of the form factor. But the success of the Kindle Fire may have led to Apple rethinking its strategy. After all, Tim Cook is the man in charge now and he may want to tap this hot mini tablet market.

All rumours will be put to rest, as Apple will unveil its next gen tablet or tablets on March 7th 2012.


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