Saturday, 19 November 2011

Google announced Swiffy, a web tool for converting Flash-based animations

Earlier this year Google announced Swiffy, a web tool for converting Flash-based animations to HTML-based animations, with the intention to create it possible to use simple Flash based content in pure HTML based websites. With this tool one could convert simple Flash animations to figure on devices like the iPad where the Flash player isn't available.

Now Google has created an extension based on Swiffy for Flash Professional, Adobe's solution for creating Flash animations and applications. The extension works with Flash Professional CS4 and above (CS4, CS5, and CS5.5) and allows exporting Flash animations to HTML5 from within the interface Flash Professional interface.

While this is often an extension for Flash Professional, it uses Google's servers to perform the conversion online, in order that users needn't download the newest version of the plugin when they perform a conversion, but instead use the newest version of the tool on every occasion -Swiffy has undergonenumerous updatessince its launch, currently standing at version 3.6.1. While it does use the net service, the Google Swiffy extension will give conversion feedback within the Flash Professional UI itself.

You can download the extension from the Google Swiffy page. within the likely case that you just don't have a Flash Professional license, an attempt version of Flash Professional is on the market from here.


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